About Us

We would like to spoil you
with typical Harz dishes
and good German cuisine!

A hostel was built in the building at Steinweg 11 at the end of the 18th century. And in a hostel you can usually always eat and drink well. It’s still like that today! The restaurant “Zur Goldenen Sonne” is attached to the hotel of the same name and is therefore happy to serve Quedlinburg residents, guests from the surrounding area, tourists visiting Quedlinburg and the Harz Mountains and hotel guests.

We would like to give all tourists and visitors to the city of Quedlinburg and the Harz region the opportunity to get to know, appreciate and love the Harz cuisine. With great attention to detail, our kitchen team prepares typical Harz dishes and other German dishes to spoil you dear guests.

It is important to us to be a contact point for all locals, whether directly from Quedlinburg or from the surrounding area. Together with the Hotel “Zur Goldenen Sonne” we are the ideal partner for small and large events, whether birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, school enrolments, youth initiations, baptisms or funerals, we arrange all events individually according to your wishes.

And companies will also find the ideal partner in us when it comes to business lunches, conferences or company celebrations. Together with the Hotel “Zur Goldenen Sonne” we offer 3 conference rooms for events with up to 100 people. The hotel’s events team organizes your events according to your needs and wishes. Our kitchen and service team will take care of your culinary needs.

Restaurant Zur Goldenen Sonne - Gastraum
Restaurant Zur Goldenen Sonne - Gastraum
Restaurant Zur Goldenen Sonne - Gastraum

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